Laptop Keyboard

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Asus A42F X44H A42D X43 A43S A42J K42E K43J X43 X84L Notebook Keyboard

CODE: AS-A42-07G73US

In stock
Replacement laptop keyboard for ASUS A42F X44H A42D X43 A43S A42J K42E X43S K43J X43 X44h and etc.. Features: Keyboard Type: US... More

Dell Inspiron 14R N4110 N4050 M4110 M411R OX38K3 Laptop Keyboard

CODE: D-14R-0X38K3

In stock
Replacement laptop keyboard for Dell Inspiron 14R N4110 M4110 N4050 M4040.  Features: Keyboard Type: US Comes with Ribbon... More

Flat Head Screw CM For Laptop Casing Screen Hinges Cover Screws for HP Lenovo Asus


RM3.70   RM3.50
In stock
Various sizes of CM big flat thin head screws with different diameter and length. We carry here CM screw diameter at 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.00mm for your... More
  • No. 1 = CM2*2-5 
  • No. 2 = CM2*3-7 
  • No. 3 = CM2*4-5 
  • No. 4 = CM2*5-5 
  • No. 5 = CM2.5*3-7 
  • No. 6 = CM2.5*4-7 
  • No. 7 = CM2.5*5-5 
  • No. 8 = CM2.5*6-7 
  • No. 9 = CM3*3-7 
  • No. 10 = CM3*4-7 
  • No. 11 = CM2*2-7 
  • No. 12 = CM2*2.5-7 
  • No. 13 = CM2*4-7 
  • No. 14 = CM2*5-7 
  • No. 15 = CM2.5*2.5-7 
  • No. 16 = CM2.5*2.7-8 (+RM0.50)
  • No. 17 = CM2.5*3-8 (+RM0.50)
  • No. 18 =CM2.5*4-8 (+RM0.50)
  • No. 19= CM2.5*5-8 (+RM0.50)

Keyboard For ASUS A555 A555L X551 X554 X551M Notebook

CODE: AS-A555-X554

RM50.00   RM48.00
In stock
Replacement laptop keyboard for ASUS  A555 A555L A555LA A555LD A555LN A555LP X551 X554 X551M X551  and etc.. Features: Keyboard... More

Keyboard For ASUS X411 X411U X411UQ X411UF X406 S4200 Laptop


RM58.00   RM55.00
In stock
Replacement laptop keyboard for ASUS ASUS X411 X411U X411UQ X411SC X411UV X411UA X411UN X411UF X406 S4200 and etc.. Features:... More

Replacement CM PM Notebook Screw Laptop Screw for Acer Compaq Sony Dell


In stock
  Various sizes of flat head CM and round head PM  screws with different diameter and length for laptop repairing or replacement on old... More
  • No.1 = CM2*8-4 
  • No.2= CM2*10-4 
  • No.3 = CM2*12-4 
  • No.4 = CM2.5*8 
  • No.5 = CM2.5*10 
  • No.6 = CM2.5*12 
  • No.7 = CM2.5*14 
  • No.8 = CM2*14-4.5 
  • No.9 = CM2.5*18-5 
  • No.10 = PM2*20 Silver 
  • No.11 = PM2.5*20 Silver 
  • No.12 = PM2*10-3.5 
  • No.13 = PM2*14-3.5 
  • No.14 = PM2*16-3.5 
  • No.15 = PM2*18-3.5 
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