What is Power eSATA (eSATAp)?

Power eSATA (short form : eSATAp) sometimes is also known as Power over eSATA, eSATA/USB Combo, eSATA USB Hybrid Port (EUHP). It is a combination connection for external storage devices. See below photo, an eSATA or USB device can be plugged into an eSATAp port.

The powered eSATA plug both gets USB power and eSATA over one cable. The connector on the left is for standard SATA spacing. Drives like slimline SATA drives and many 1.8" drives like the Intel X18-M use different SATA connectors. Prior to putting power over the same connector, eSATA devices/ enclosures needed a second cable, often from a USB port, to provide power to the devices. They finally realized that eSATA is much more useful if it can power devices like USB can, and are starting to give it a power option to reduce cabling.

How to differentiate eSATAp or eSATA Connection?



1) Can i connect a standard USB male plug to a eSATAp female port?

  • Yes, you can still use the eSATAp interface for your USB devices, whereas the data transfer rate will be reduced according to your connected device. If you want to use the full SATA speed of up to 3 Gb/s you may connect an eSATA or eSATAp device

2) I have an eSATAp port. When do I require an extra power supply ?

  • 1. You still need an extra power supply or USB power cable if you want to operate your old eSATA or 3.5 USB HDD on the eSATAp port.
  • 2. You do not need an extra power supply if you use an eSATAp device (example above). 
  • 3. Exceptions are bigger HDD like 3.5 inch. You will need an extra power supply OR you can connect it to an eSATApd (pd = Dual Power) port. It provides 5 V and 12 V

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