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Acer ARJ1 Notebook Aspire 3620/5550 11.1v 4400mAh Laptop Battery

CODE: AC-ARJ1-44-3

Price: RM64.00

In stock

Replacement Acer battery for Aspire, Extensa, TravelMate and Ferarri Series


  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Color:  Black

Compatible Part Number :

  • BTP-ANJ1, BTP-AS3620, BT.00604.006, BTP-AQJ1, BTP-B2J1, MS2180
  • 934C2130F, 934T2130F
  • BT.00603.012, BT.00603.014, BT.00603.026, BT.00603.039, BT.00603.040, BT.00604.005, BT.00604.006, BT.00604.017, BT.00605.002, BT.00605.003, BT.00605.006, BT.00605.007, BT.00605.027, BT.00607.003, BT.00607.009, BT.00607.018, BT.00903.004, BT.00904.003, BT.00907.003
  • GARDA31, GARDA32, LC.BTP01.010, LC.BTP01.011, 
  • MS2180, MS2181, MS2204, MS2211, MS2229, MS2230, Q20154, TM-2007A, TM07A72, AK.006BT.021
  • BT.00603.044, BT.00604.027, LC.BTP00.021, LC.TG600.001

Fit for models :

  • Aspire 2420,Aspire 2920,Aspire 3620,Aspire 3624, Aspire 3640,Aspire 3670,Aspire 5540,Aspire 5560,Aspire 5590
  • Extensa 3100,Extensa 4120,Extensa 4220,Extensa 4420,Extensa 4620,Extensa 4720,
  • Ferrari 1100
  • TravelMate 2420,TravelMate 2440,TravelMate 2470,TravelMate 3240,TravelMate 3250,TravelMate 3280,TravelMate 3290,TravelMate 3300,TravelMate 3302,TravelMate 3304,TravelMate 3420, TravelMate 4320,TravelMate 4520,TravelMate 4720,TravelMate 6231,TravelMate 6291,TravelMate 6292,TravelMate 6492
  • Aspire 2920Z,Aspire 3620A,Aspire 3623,Aspire 3628,Aspire 3640,Aspire 5541,Aspire 5542,Aspire 5550,Aspire 5552,Aspire 5561,Aspire 5562,Aspire 5563,Aspire 5596
  • Extensa 4130,Extensa 4230,Extensa 4620Z,Extensa 4630,Extensa 4630G,Extensa 4630Z
  • TravelMate 2420A,TravelMate 2423,TravelMate 2424,TravelMate 2428,TravelMate 3010,TravelMate 3242,TravelMate 3282,TravelMate 3284,TravelMate 3302,TravelMate 3304,TravelMate 4320,Travelmate 4330,Travelmate 4335,TravelMate 4730,Travelmate 4730G,TravelMate 6231,TravelMate 6252,TravelMate 6293,Travelmate 6452,TravelMate 6493,TravelMate 6553,TravelMate 6593,TravelMate 6593G,
  • TM2420,TM2440,TM2470,TM3240,TM3250,TM3280,TM3290,TM3300,TM4320,TM4520,TM4720,TM6231,TM6291,TM6292,TM6492,TM2420A,TM2423,TM2424,TM2428,TM3010,TM3242,TM3282,TM3284,TM3302,TM3304,TM4320,TM4330,TM4335,TM4730,TM4730G,TM6231,TM6252,TM6293,TM6452,TM6493,TM6553,TM6593,TM6593GBrand
  • New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible.
  • All batteries are well packed in an anti-static bag and protected by sponge into a customized box.

Package Content:

  • 1 x Acer Notebook Aspire 3620/5550 11.1v 4400mAh 6-Cell Laptop Battery

(Note : Photo attached is for reference only, it may be slightly varied in items of colour, markings from the actual item delivered from time to time)

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