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Computer Dual Port USB 2.0 to 2X USB Screw Hole Cable

CODE: CW-5U130-J

Price: RM13.50

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This short length panel mount USB cable features two USB 2.0 motherboard header connection on one end to two USB 2.0 Type A female ports with mounting screw holes on the other end of the cable. 


  • Brand by Akiba-Accessories
  • Converts 2 USB 2.0 female to 2 USB Type A female
  • Suitable for extending any USB device 
  • The two USB A female cable are attached to each other with the panel mount ear
  • With screw hole ear for easy fixing on the front panel / PCI slots (Screw holes only, screws are not included)
  • High speed 2.0 USB Extension Lead
  • Offers a throughput of up to 480Mbps when used with a USB 2.0 host and device
  • Use in digital products and computer peripheral, support hot plug, plug and play
  • Connector A : 2 X USB 2.0 Type A Male
  • Connector B : 2 X USB 2.0 Type A Female with Screw holes
  • Approx Length : 0.5m
  • Colour : Black

Package Content :

  • 1 x Dual USB 2.0 Male to Female Extension Cable 50cm with Screw Panel Mount Holes

(Note : Photo attached is for reference only, it may be slightly varied in items of colour, shape from the actual item delivered from time to time)

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